Better Returns on your Capital
Secured on property
Up to 10% per annum paid quarterly
Risk warning: Any sums lent through the Exchange are loans and not deposits.
There is no guarantee that Lenders will be repaid the amount of their original loan, nor any interest on that loan.


  • Relendex is suitable for small or large investors seeking fixed-income with security over property
  • Our Investors range from pensions funds, family offices and private banks to individuals saving for homes, education or retirement
  • Lender Accounts are from £500 to millions of pounds
  • By dividing loans into multiple parts, we allow smaller investors to take a stake in quality property loans


24 months


Use our simple interest calculator to find out how you can grow your money with Relendex.
Your money could grow to*

Please remember that all funds lent through the platform are loans and not deposits. That means you capital is at risk.

*Indicative figures only. Actual interest may be less due to bad debts and applicable taxes.

Capital Protection is always our priority. Our experienced lending team selects a small number of quality loan requirements that meet their strict lending criteria

All loans are secured by legal mortgages against professionally valued properties that can, if necessary, be exercised to recover any unpaid debts
However, this outcome is unlikely as no high-risk borrowing is allowed by Relendex and all properties, and borrowers are carefully evaluated by our lending team

Any higher rates of return come with an increased element of risk, though risk is always kept to a minimum and all rates are superior to typical bank deposit accounts

Lenders are encouraged to spread investments across multiple loans to further reduce exposure and risk

To lend with Relendex open your Lender account now and fund it with a minimum of £500

The minimum bid in any auction is usually £500

There is no maximum


Higher Rates
Returns for investors are up to 10% per annum, interest paid quarterly

As a peer-to-peer exchange unlike banks we give you the lion's share of the interest

Lenders participating in these arrangements should be clearly aware that any sum lent through the Exchange is a loan and not a deposit and its repayment is not guaranteed
Secured on property
All loans are secured against professionally valued commercial and residential properties

Retail, offices, industrial, leisure and some residential including developements. Where appropriate, we take security over the rental income
Access to Your Money
Capital is usually invested for 1 to 5 years with interest paid to your Relendex account each quarter

It is possible to access your capital early by reselling loan-parts to other lenders on a matched bargain basis through our Resale Marketplace

Important Notice


Relendex Limited is regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register - FRN 723117.


Lenders participating in these arrangements should be clearly aware that any sum lent through the Exchange is a loan and not a deposit and its repayment is not guaranteed. It is in the nature of an investment opportunity. Any investor should consider an appropriate spread of risk. Non-institutional investors should seek professional advice before lending through the Relendex Exchange.
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Relendex Limited is registered in England, Company Number 07486328 Registered Office: Ground Floor, 45 Pall Mall, St James’s London, SW1Y 5JG


Relendex Limited is registered under the Data Protection Act, Registration Number PZ2708231



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